Wrath of the Water Lily

In the muddy pool of love, hate and war

My story gets submerged

I get submerged.

I dream of bombs, blood and screams

I am still fishing in muddy waters

For last dregs of love

For last bits of dignity

For last bits of sanity

But then there is a flash of light –

And under all mud

I see

Your distorted evil face.

I hear

The faint laugh of the conqueror.

You are just waiting

To pull me out of water

To skin me alive

Roast me in your anger.

But then you forget

That I have a reputation

For rising from the ashes

I rise

To become a bird of the night

I move

In stealth and behind the shadows

You think of me as a hunter’s game

But you forget

I still have game left in me.

You can wait for the day

I descend on you like nightfall.



She doesn’t know, they say,

Then the evil, debilitating laughter,

Followed by a wicked smirk.

I do know, I say.

Then I go trail the woods,

Looking for that furtive moment,

When a larva dares to become a butterfly,

I kiss it gently and whisper in its ears,

Fly high my precious little darling,

Do not let your fragile wings stop you.

So I do know, I say,

But not the way you know this world.

Holding Up


The silence of the night

Cannot quell the revolt in my mind!

Restrained tears,

Muffled Sobs,

A numb tongue,

They all speak of a deferred rebellion.

For now, they help delay a scream.

But be aware, for the night shall pass,

Light will fall on your lies,

And my sobs shall become a scream.

It’ll haunt you

And your entire being, even in the light of the day.

It will come after you—

You whose ideology knows—

Nothing but to kill!

Be afraid.


After the scream,

The voice won’t be just mine.